Lecture by Christian Leukel (Department of Sport Science, Uni Freiburg)

Start date: 21/11/2017
Start time: 05:15 pm
End time: 06:00 pm
Organizer: BrainLinks-BrainTools
Location: SR 02-016/018, building 101, Faculty of Engineering

Sophisticated tools to analyze neural activity at the level of human motor cortex and spinal cord

Development in human neuroscience depends on the development of sophisticated techniques allowing a detailed investigation of activity modulations of neural circuits and connections. We developed such a technique that informs about activity modulations of circuits and connections within and between human motor cortex and spinal cord. In this talk, I will describe the principles of the method, and recent applications which aimed at investigating aspects in motor control and synaptic plasticity effects from non-invasive brain stimulation protocols.

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