For postdocs

Not only PhD candidates need support in their personal and scientific development. Also postdocs are often at the beginning of their career and have to take decisions about their priorities and their future.

The Freiburg Research Services (FRS) is a central organization of the University of Freiburg and offers a wide range of courses for postdocs. Beside courses for management skills or teaching, also coaching session are offered to discover personal abilities, strengths and wishes of each participant and to create ideas for possible future perspectives in science or other fields.

Postdocs are also invited to participate in certain events of the graduate program like the junior scientists workshop, the after work hangout or the exchange program to collect research experiences abroad. Additionally, they can be nominated by a PhD candidate to become a member of the thesis committee. This provides an occasion for postdocs to train the supervision and guidance of PhD candidates in an early career phase togehter with experienced advisors.

The cluster wants also to strengthen the personal exchange and network between all postdocs working within BrainLinks-BrainTools. Therefor, we organize regular postdoc meetings. The dates for the upcoming meetings are announced by the program coordinator.