M.Sc Neuroscience Program in Freiburg

This picture shows a thin slice of a rat's hippocampus. All Cell Nuclei are stained in blue and you can see the characteristic structure of the hippocampus. A specific subclass of Neurons (PV-Interneurons) has been stained with a red dye and you can make out cell bodies as well as the neurites. Some cells express an optogenetic tool which is marked in green. It was recorded by Ph.D student Jan Deubner in the Optophysiology Lab of Prof. Dr. Ilka Diester, which is also delivering modules for the M.Sc Neuroscience.

The application period for the M.Sc. in Neuroscience at the University of Freiburg has officially started

Under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Carsten Mehring, the University of Freiburg has created a study program that caters to the demands of Neuroscience with all its methods and sub-disciplines.

An English-taught two-year master program in Neuroscience unites teaching expertise at the faculties of biology, engineering, and behavioral sciences and economics to offer a coherent course program that provides the training needed by the next generation of neuroscientists.

It will deliver excellent higher education in both the foundations of neuroscience and the latest research in the field. A modular course structure caters to the individual backgrounds and research interests of the participants, providing theoretical as well as practical training in the essentials of neuroscience as well as electives.

Applications for the fall semester 2017/2018 entry are open until May 31, 2017. More info on entry requirements as well as on the structure and study topics can be found on the program's official homepage: http://www.mscneuro.uni-freiburg.de