Time- and self-management workshop for junior scientists

Photo: BrainLinks-BrainTools

Junior Scientists train to optimize their time- and self-management skills

In the middle of August, the BrainLinks-BrainTools junior scientists enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a workshop on time- and self-management organized by Dr. Luise Goroncy, and the two junior scientist representatives Andreas Meinel and Jan Deubner. The workshop was financially enabled by the BrainLinks-BrainTools Graduate Program.

The junior scientists were guided by the professional coaches Konstanze Bittroff and Felicitas Eckert. Professional goal and priority setting, time management techniques, ways to effectively collaborate with others, methods for self-motivation and how to overcome frustration were discussed and practiced in the workshop. As these essential skills are at core of studying for a PhD, the theoretical background was subsequently applied within practical exercises to create an optimal learning experience. The workshop was enriched by the beautiful surroundings of Staufen with its castle.