Photographer: Levin Sottru

Stefan Rotter joins artist Lina Hermsdorf in discussing the possibility of uploading the brain to a computer

An exhibition by the name of "Immortalism" is currently bringing together works by different contemporary artists at Freiburg's Kunstverein, all of whom present different perspectives relating to visions, technologies, and ideologies of defeating death. The development of artificial intelligence and biotechnology today once again fuels projects that deal with the abolition of the temporal restrictions of human life. Enterprises of this kind, which address the conquering of human limitations via technological means, form the core of current transhumanist ideas. 

On the special occasion of an "Artist's Talk", performance and audiovisual artist Lina Hermsdorf invited BrainLinks-BrainTools executive board member Prof. Dr. Stefan Rotter to discuss neuroscientific means and ends of creating an immortal human brain.

Their conversation is now available as audio podcast on Voice Republic: