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Current treatment concepts for epilepsy are based on a continuous drug delivery or electrical stimulation to prevent the occurrence of seizures, exposing the brain and body to mostly unneeded risk of adverse effects. To address the infrequent occurrence and short duration of epileptic seizures, intelligent implantable closed loop devices are needed which are based on a refined analysis of ongoing brain activity and highly specific algorithms. Current devices for the treatment of epilepsy via an implanted device either use an open loop approach or a closed loop approach taking a high number of false positive detections and as consequence unnecessary interventions into account. In this project seizure detection algorithms based on features derived from experience in signal processing in EEG signals combined with state of the art machine learning methods are developed. They combine low false detection rates with mean detection delays in the range of 4 seconds, which may be in many seizures sufficient to perform an intervention before a spread of the EEG activity to adjacent brain areas.

Research Status

Responsive neurostimulation needs continuous recording and analysis of brain signals for the detection of time windows for effective intervention. Feature extraction and machine learning approaches were developed for the detection of specific patterns in intracranial long-term recordings of patients with epilepsy. The new approaches for data analysis have increased the specificity of seizure detection compared to conventional threshold-based classifiers considerable while reducing the latency between the onset of epileptic discharges to their detection, allowing for a closed-loop intervention in the range of a few seconds. These improvements both reduce the risk of unwanted effects of stimulation due to false detections, and improves chances for an effective focal intervention during ongoing seizures. In addition, slower alterations in brain dynamics were addressed to track modulations of excitability. This opens up new options for the design of devices for individualized interventions.

Project Publications


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