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MAKE IT ReaL is a joint project between three research branches (microsystems engineering, computer science, and neurobiology) within the cluster. The engineering branch covers the development of micro-electrocorticography-based implants for closed-loop recording and stimulation of brain activity during implantations in a large animal model, and ultimately for future human clinical applications. The neurobiological branch covers the design of closed-loop stimulation paradigms and the analysis of data obtained in experimental conditions of both acute and chronic implantations. The computer science branch utilizes highly accurate motion tracking methods to improve skeletal tracking in both large animals and humans and to detect possible stimulation-induced changes. Together, these branches form an excellent scope for the testing of advanced neurotechnology and motion recording and how they can be combined to investigate closed-loop stimulation approaches for future clinical applications.

Research Status

In the current phase of the project we were able to implant several sheep with an implant for periods up to 575 days. Closed-loop stimulation experiments and motion tracking experiments could be performed and results are either published, submitted or in preparation. In addition, an implant for rapid iterations of animal experiments in acute implantations has been developed and a new, marker-less motion capture system for motion tracking will be employed to track awake animals and humans.

Schubert T, Gkogkidis A, Ball T, Burgard W (2015) Automatic Initialization for Skeleton Tracking in Optical Motion Capture. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), pp. 734–39.