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The strategic consideration behind the proposed project is that the BrainLinks-BrainTools consortium needs a large animal model that is available in Freiburg, to test and optimize implantable BrainLinks-BrainTools technology, and get it certified and ready for clinical application in human patients. Large animal testing procedures currently established in Freiburg, however, require the animals to be anaesthetized. This seriously limits the number and extent of animal tests that can be carried out. The long-term objectives of the proposed project therefore are to combine motion capture techniques with large animal in vivo experimental studies to establish a test-bed for BrainLinks-BrainTools technology.

The motion capture will be carried out simultaneously with wireless recordings of brain activity in wake-behaving large animals (sheep) to enable us to study movement-related activity in the sensorimotor cortex, which is important for testing BrainLinks-BrainTools technology for motor decoding. In this way, a much larger number of functional tests will be possible, meeting the need for animal testing of a wide range of innovative implantable technologies in BrainLinks-BrainTools. Appropriate techniques for accurately tracking animals in motion capture data will be developed. This will include matching visual markers to animal models and developing multi-hypothesis tracking techniques for reliably tracking the markers and inferring the animal posture.