OptoRoboRat I

a fiber-based calcium imaging system with combined movement tracking and decoding approach

Relevant for Research Area

A - Foundations

C - Applications

The project builds on

DeepDecode, BIG


Prof. Ilka Diester

Prof. Marlene Bartos

Prof. Thomas Brox


Within this project we will establish a fiber-based imaging system. The calcium imaging data obtained will be processed with a movement tracking system (Zimmermann et al, 2020). This should enable us to predict movements via decoding of neural data (Melbaum et al, 2020). It is a technically challenging, but as from the preliminary data and manuscripts, already existing preparatory work on two components, namelythe movement tracking and decoding of neural data and themotion prediction. In the past, however, decoding was done usingelectrophysiological data, not calcium measurements. This represents adecisive step in the realization of the research program at the OptoRoboRatand the securing of the expertise gained within DeepDecode.