Guest Lecture by Tibor Harkany (Universtiy of Vienna)

Start date: 12/04/2018
Start time: 05:15 pm
End time: 06:00 pm
Organizer: NeuroForum
Location: Albertstr. 23, Seminarraum EG, 0.006

Living without stress: molecular dissection of CRH signalling in the hypothalamus

Tibor Harkany pioneered the 'patch-seq' which allows the intracellular labeling of a individual neurons with subsequent single cell RNA-sequencing which allows a first close link between morphology of neurons, their physiological characteristics and RNA expression of neurotransmitter receptors and channels. Using this technical approach, he identified hithero undescribed neuronal subtypes. In his talk he will present new data on the molecular and physiological diversity of neurons in the hypothalamus and their functional role in coping with stress.

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