Guest Lecture by Tilmann Sander-Thömmes (PTB Berlin)

Start date: 21/05/2019
Start time: 10:00 am
End time: 11:00 am
Organizer: Host: Tonio Ball
Location: Seminar Room AG Ball, Engelbergerstr. 21, 3. OG

Emerging optically pumped magnetometers for biomagnetic applications.

New sensing devices for biomagnetism are constantly improving with so called optically pumped (atomic) magnetometers (OPM) leading the field. Magnetoencephalography and magnetocardiography have been experimentally demonstrated. Theoretical considerations indicate benefits in particular if sensors are further improving to enable a SNR beyond SQUIDs. The flexibility of the sensors suggest a new range of applications, but operating OPM arrays with a channel count similar to established SQUID arrays is a challenge pointing to a coexistence of both approaches. As with SQUIDs the new sensors need a magnetic shielding taylored to their needs. Experimental results obtained at PTB Berlin for MEG and MCG will be shown together with results from the current literature. 

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