Cancelled - Guest Lecture by Christian Lüscher, Université de Genève (CH)

Start date: 18/03/2020
Start time: 01:30 pm
End time: 02:00 pm
Location: Bio I lecture hall, 1st floor, Hauptstr. 1, Freiburg

A circuit model for addiction – cellular mechanisms & therapeutic implication.

Drug addiction is a behavioral disease defined by the compulsive seeking and taking of a substance despite major negative consequences. Here I will argue that pathological behaviour is the consequence of excessive dopamine release causing specific forms of synaptic plasticity. I will discuss experiments where plasticity mechanisms are used to reverse drug-adaptive behaviour, establishing links of causality and a roadmap for rational therapies.

Learn more about our guest Christia Lüscher

The talk is part of our Freiburg Neuroscience & Neurotechnology Lectures Series.

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