kite-mentoring is a mentoring program in English, initiated by BrainLinks-BrainTools and taking place at the University of Freiburg. The target group are female doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers in the following fields: physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences, engineering, biology and medicine. The kite-mentoring program is composed of three pillars: mentoring, training and networking.

The pillar mentoring matches each participant for a year with a personal mentor. This 1:1 mentoring provides individual support for each mentee. The mentors are working in academia but also in the industry and they provide support in career development and respond to the questios from their mentee. This form of mentoring is particularly pertinent for mentees who are approaching the end of their doctoral research and will soon embark on their career.

The trainings provide an opportunity for the participants to acquire additional competencies and to thereby optimally prepare themselves for their career start. The program has so far offered workshops on looking for jobs, application procedures, rhetoric, self-presentation, salary negotiation, conflict and time management, as well as career coaching.

Network meetings offer opportunities for exchange with other mentors and mentees. Moreover, the participants can meet alumni and other interesting guests. The kite-mentoring program cooperates with other mentoring-programs of the university and in the region, in order to provide multiple opportunities for the mentees to network so that they can build up their own networks.

The following programs were involved in financing kite-mentoring in 2017:

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