"Salary negotiations" with Claudia Kimich

The mentees presented their expectations of the today's event

26 September, 2015

She is coming and she is wearing turquoise that's for sure. - Apart from that it remains exciting. Because Claudia Kimich is always good for a surprise.

  • Why should women never wear a swaying ponytail in a job-interview?
  • What do salary negotiations and competition ballroom dance have in common?
  • And how to deal with delicate questions in a job interview?

Claudia Kimich answered these and many more questions in the two workshops (one in English, one in German) on salary negotiations, she held today.
Yesterday, during the 2. Network Meeting, we already had the chance to gain a short impression of Claudia Kimich and her idea of salary negotiations.
Today, by working in small groups, the mentees had the chance to actively take part in the workshop. An emotional morning, a network lunch break, an interesting afternoon and Claudia Kimich's funny anecdotes made this day special and productive.