103rd National Congress of the MNU

The national congress by the German Association for the Promotion of Mathematical and Scientific Teaching will take place from April 1st to 5th 2012 in Freiburg.

Researchers from Freiburg in the field of neurotechnology will participate with a talk titled "Was können wir, was dürfen wir? – Neurotechnologie zwischen Machbarkeit und Selbstbeschränkung" (What is possible and what is permissible? - Neurotechnology between possibilities and self-restrictions).

Moderation: Janina Kirsch and Gunnar Grah

Speaker: Patrick Ruther, Tonio Ball, and Oliver Müller

We will shed light on the topic of neurotechnology from three different perspectives: Physicist and engineer from the faculty of engineering, Dr. Patrick Ruther, explains the technical possibilities that are currently available for interacting with the brain as well as the challenges for such undertakings. Dr. Tonio Ball from the University Medical Center describes how brain machine interfaces function and outlines areas in which they are currently in use. Philosopher Dr. Oliver Müller from the Institute for Ethics and History of Medicine explores ethical aspects with regard to risks and opportunities in the field of neurotechnology. In conclusion, we will discuss biological, technical, and philosophical aspects of neurotechnology with the audience. Teachers from all disciplines are warmly invited to attend.

For more information: www.bundeskongress-2012.mnu.de