Strengthening the German-American partnership

Photo: Eric Chudler

Wolfram Burgard meets CSNE director Rajesh Rao in Seattle to discuss future cooperation

Bearing many beneficial encounters with international allies of BrainLinks-BrainTools in remembrance, cluster speaker Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard was happy to travel to Seattle again in February 2017. At the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE), a worldwide leading institution in the field of brain-machine-interfaces, he talked to director Prof. Rajesh Rao about their joint efforts to date and how to support each other with their future plans. Both are already looking forward to the next collaborations: A summer student exchange and an international conference on neurotechnologies in Freiburg are just two of them. With a new cluster of excellence in Freiburg and an extension of the CSNE projects there could be much more to come. 

The registration for this year’s student exchange program is still running. More info in this top story including two experience reports worth reading (from last year’s exchange).