Taking interdisciplinarity literally

Photo: Levin Sottru

Junior scientists from different research backgrounds got a crash course in Neuroanatomy

In BrainLinks-BrainTools engineers, computer scientists, physicists and researchers from many more disciplines work together on neurotechnology research projects. However, how should you interpret MRI images or build a brain implant if you are not familiar with the anatomical structures of the central nervous system? Therefore, the BrainLinks-BrainTools graduate program offered a 2 day course on neuroanatomy in cooperation with the Department of Neuroanatomy at the Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology. The junior scientists worked themselves into the anatomy of different brain structures under the supervision of a neuroanatomist, taught each other their newly acquired knowledge and had a closer look at models of the brain. After the course, the participants reported about a lot of new information that was step by step structured, clarified and that was tremendously helpful in understanding the anatomy and function of the brain and the central nervous system.

Special thanks go to PD Dr. Matthias Kirsch who taught the junior researchers with patience and passion. Thank you very much!