Pandora's Box

Photo: Levin Sottru

An encounter between art and science at Freiburg’s Kunstverein

In spite of an explicit warning by the father of the gods she opens the box and turns loose all mischief on humankind. Only hope remains as the last virtue. This is how the famous ancient myth of Pandora ends. Are we opening this notorious little box as we create artificial intelligence? Or are our fears of AI taking over the world unfounded?

On the afternoon of June 17, cluster speaker Prof Dr Wolfram Burgard met artist Prof Dr Susanne M Winterling from HfG Offenbach to enter into a dialogue on societal consequeneces and ethical perspectives of intelligent technical systems. In the scope of Winterling’s concerns of technological development she approached Burgard and invited him to her guest appearance at the Freiburg Kunstverein. The Kunstverein’s great exhibition hall offered the speakers and their audience a surprisingly intimate environment to discuss AI in all its facets.

The event was recorded for a publication of Winterling and is already available as audio podcast on Voice Republic: