New exploratory focus at FRIAS approved

With the participation of BrainLinks-BrainTools, FRIAS research will soon include Human-Machine interaction

An interdisciplinary project group of four Freiburg-based scientists has launched a new research focus at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS). What is it about? The title goes as "Ethical, legal, philosophical and social aspects of the interaction between humans and autonomous intelligent systems".

In this group, the challenges for modern society posed by the newest developments in the field of autonomous intelligent systems will be investigated. Alongside legal ethicist Prof Dr Silja Vöneky three scientists from BrainLinks-BrainTools are involved: Neurologist Dr Philipp Kellmeyer, philosopher PD Dr Oliver Müller and computer scientist Prof Dr Wolfram Burgard. This research focus could also help strenghten the natural ties between FRIAS and the cluster. The group’s work will be publicly visible in lecture series and special events during the academic year of 2018/19.

FRIAS research foci highlight key issues in the institute’s activity and render these issues visible on the international stage. Three to four group leaders from the University of Freiburg work together in groups up to eight researchers who are usually active at foreign unversities and research institutes.