Courage to foster Diverstiy paid off

Source: GRC Organization

Successful start for new GRC on Neuroelectronic Interfaces

The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) in March 25-30, 2018 chaired by cluster member Prof. Hofmann was a great success. Obviously, the ambitious scientific program and the courageous concept to foster diversity among its participants in terms of gender and age, paid off. Scientists from all career stages were impressed about the selection of invited talks, the great discussions and the enthusiasm of the community. We asked a PhD student after her return to write some sentences about her experiences and we were overwhelmed to receive such an outstanding positive response:

"I am personally very grateful for all the enriching opportunities that BrainLinks-BrainTools has been giving me as a PhD student, and I am especially thankful for having the possibility to participate to important international meetings and discussions. This year, one among all was particularly interesting and inspiring to me, the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Neuroelectronic Interface. The level of the invited talks given during the meeting was excellent and the poster sessions in the afternoons were by far the best I have participated to in my career. The Gordon experience, however, goes beyond the scientific value of the work presented there (which by itself would be worth the participation, do not get me wrong) because it involves you on a totally personal level. When you decide to participate and you get on board of the 'Gordon ship', you sign up for a unique tour of the most human Scientists. I have enjoyed the idea of being part of a team where everyone had the same passion, many questions and some answers to share. I have experienced a great exchange of thoughts, doubts and ideas, and I have felt strengthened as a person and as a researcher. I have also put my job in prospective and gave it a nice frame, and I believed for at least one week that we, as a group, were making the difference. I would do it again and recommend all the junior and senior scientists to participate and find inspiration into one another."

The next GRC on Neuroelectronic Interfaces will take place in 2020, chaired by another Cluster member Prof. Stieglitz. We will inform you at this place as soon as registration is open - be prepared!