Third party funded project on health-related data

BrainLinks-BrainTools researchers involved in "DaDuHealth"

The use of large amounts of health-related data promises far-reaching innovations in the healthcare system. Data collection and use takes place in different contexts: in the highly regulated and institutionalized medical sector; but also in the field of consumer health technology, where healthy people collect data via apps and wearables. In the project "DaDuHealth: Data Access and Data Use in Medical Institutional and Consumer Health Settings. An Ethical, Legal, and Social Analysis", the members of the interdisciplinary research group Responsible AI Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky (International Law & Ethics), Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller and Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer (both members of BrainLinks-BrainTools) are investigating ethical, legal and social questions of digitization, big data and artificial intelligence in health research and care. The project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for a period of three years, comprises five sub-projects in the fields of law, ethics and medical ethics, technology assessment, and public outreach. Besides the research group Responsible AI, the Institute for Ethics and History of Medicine Freiburg and the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are also involved. Nexus Experiments is responsible for the outreach activities. In addition to smaller formats, two larger projects are planned: Run, ELSA! and Data Wonderland. Further information will follow shortly.