BrainLinks-BrainTools postdocs are invited to participate in courses and events of the graduate program.

Coaching program

We offer a Coaching program to support established researcher (R3) on their way to a W3 Professorship.

Researchers in BrainLinks-BrainTools who have developed a level of independence are main target group of this program.

Main program content:

  • One-on-one coaching (up to three sessions in 2018)
  • Exclusive training sessions (optional)
  • Establishment of a leadership circle (optional)
  • Exchange of experience through get-togethers of a peer group.

Membership in a thesis committee

Beside these offers postdocs can be nominated by a doctoral candidate to become a member of the thesis committee. This provides an occasion to train the supervision and guidance of doctoral candidates in an early career phase together with experienced advisors.

BrainLinks-BrainTools PI

Supporting early responsiblity for the own research BrainLinks-BrainTools offers the possibility for postdocs to participate in the internal project calls to become PI in the cluster consortium.

Junior Research Group Leader Program

The introduced position of a BrainLinks-BrainTools Junior Research Group Leader (JRL) offers also the persprective to gain a hight level of independence in an early stage of the research career. Currently there is no open call in this program.