Workshop on Self-Supervised Robot Learning

Robotics: Science and Systems
Virtual Workshop



Spotlight Talks

On the Sensory Commutativity of Action Sequences for Embodied Agents
Hugo Caselles-Dupré, Michael Garcia-Ortiz and David Filliat

From Images to Task Planning: How NLP Can Help Physical Reasoning
Son Tung Nguyen, Ozgur S. Oguz, Danny Driess and Marc Toussaint

Self-Supervised, Goal-Conditioned Policies for Navigation in Unstructured Environments
Travis Manderson, Juan Camilo Gamboa, Stefan Wapnick, Jean-Francois Tremblay, Hanqing Zhao, Florian Shkurti, Dave Meger and Gregory Dudek

Learning State-Dependent Losses for Inverse Dynamics Learning
Neha Das, Kristen Morse, Yixin Lin, Austin Wang, Akshara Rai and Franziska Meie

Just Go with the Flow: Self-Supervised Scene Flow Estimation
Himangi Mittal, Brian Okorn and David Held