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Networks for vision

January 9, 2015

Theoretical study casts light on mechanisms of stimulus selectivity in the visual brain


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"Cerebromatics" video essay now online

January 7, 2015

Brain images, adapter problems, and the question of the metronome: A new website documents the collaboration between the Mobile Academy Berlin and BrainLinks-BrainTools

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VIDEO ONLINE: "Intelligente Dinge – Helfer oder Herrscher?" [in German]

January 7, 2015

The DFG's panel discussion with Prof. Wolfram Burgard and other speakers from November 20, 2014, is now online

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The recording of the masses

December 10, 2014

Mathematical process helps to understand population signals in the brain

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BrainLinks-BrainTools aims to develop medical technology that directly interacts with the nervous system. For this purpose, it unites the life sciences, engineering, and clinical applications. BrainLinks-BrainTools is a Cluster of Excellence, funded since 2012 within the German Excellence Initiative (grant number EXC 1086).

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