Application process

All doctoral candidates who work in a research field associated to the cluster's projects can become a member of the graduate program. If attendance is reasonable, members of other graduate programs may also participate.

General information about the program is available here.

Applications for the graduate program can be submitted all over the year to the program coordinator upon the following preconditions:

  • The applicant is registered as a doctoral candidate at a faculty typically at the University of Freiburg.
  • The candidate works on a project that is related to the research in the cluster.

The application needs to contain:

  • The application form
  • A 10 line letter of motivation explaining why the doctoral candidate likes to participate in the program.
  • A confirmation of the responsible supervisor that the doctoral project is related to BrainLinks-BrainTools and that the supervisor supports the participation of the doctoral candidate in the program.
  • The supervision of the doctoral candidate is performed by a thesis committee of two or three members.

The Teaching & Training Committee will decide on the applicant's admission. In case of doubt, the Executive board of BrainLinks-BrainTools is to be consulted.

For any questions or further information about the program or the application process please contact the program coordinator.

Please note: Candidates need to apply for a doctoral position directly to the PIs before they can become a member of the graduate program. The doctoral program itself is not able to provide funding for a position.


Currently, 40 doctoral researchers are enrolled in the graduate program. The participants represent with their scientific backgrounds the strong interdisciplinarity in BrainLinks-BrainTools: biologists, engineers and computer scientists profit from the program as well as philosophers, physicians or physicists.

More than 40% of the program members are female.

Beside networking activities, career development events and many other offers, we put particular emphasis on excellent scientific training especially with regard to an interdisciplinary research environment.

The program is constantly developed by the teaching&training committee as well as by the participants themselves. As the doctoral researchers work in close collaborations with the program coordinator on the integration and improvement of ideas, topics and formats, the program directly profits from the experiences of its participants.