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A - Foundations

B - Core Technologies


“ComBiNE” aims to develop a miniaturized wireless bidirectional (closed loop) neural interface as an innovative verification platform to evaluate and explore: i. the existing BLBT components and their implant/tissue-probe interactions ii. novel near field data transmission techniques iii. fully adaptive and highly efficient power transfer interfaces iv. in-vivo Parkinson disease testing, analysis and treatment facilities. The project is composed of two phases: Phase I aims for the creation of a wireless bidirectional neural interface and for efficiently exploring it in closed loop in vivo experiments, foremost to define and obtain comparable performance metrics. Phase II strives to realize an advanced wireless interconnection system between the neural interfaces (read-out-amplifier and stimulator) and extracorporeal signal processing units, with foci on very-high-bit-rate near-field communication and self-optimizing inductive powering for reduced electromagnetic exposure to the tissue.

Research Status

The project has started on March 1, 2017 and is currently in its ramp up phase.