Science Communication and Public Outreach


We develop and organize innovative science communication activities for the cluster of exellence BrainLinks-BrainTools. These events and projects are part of "Reaching out: Participative projects and ethical discourse on neurotechnology". At regular events and during participatory projects scientists engage in a dialog with the public. For this purpose we create interfaces between the arts and neurotechnological research.

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Developing intricate clinical applications to enable the bi-directional communication between the brain and technical devices raise farreaching ethical and societal questions concerning personal identity and “transforming” human nature. This necessitates that we enter into a dialogue with the public about the work BrainLinks-BrainTools is pursuing. We have started to successfully implement forms of participatory exchange on different levels. The activities in the first months of our project allowed us to communicate with a wide range of target audiences of all ages and educational backgrounds about the initiative’s scientific findings and also about current and future applications of neurotechnologies. Most of the events attracted audience numbers above our expectations, and several of them received, partly extensive, media coverage. Interviews with the public allow us to assess prevalent concerns and hopes in connection with our aims. Our intention is to make the insights from these interviews also available to the cluster’s ethics board.

Other projects

Mobilization and Mutual Learning Action Plan (EU)

We also collaborate on science communication projects outside of the clusters activites: Synenergene (Responsible Research and Innovation in Synthetic Biology, more information: