Best Talk Award for BrainLinks-BrainTools PhD student

A BrainLinks-BrainTools PhD student gave the best talk at this year's Graz BCI Conference

David Hübner, PhD student at Dr Michael Tangermann’s Brain State Decoding Lab (Dept of Computer Science), received the Best Talk Award at the well-respected international Graz BCI conference on September 22. The 28-year-old mathematician was selected from over 30 high-caliber conference speakers.

In his talk „Mixing Two Unsupervised Estimators for Event-Related Potential Decoding: an Online Evaluation“ he presented a self-learning algorithm that decodes signals from an electroencephalogram (EEG) during a concentration task in real-time and transforms them into spelling commands on a monitor. Compared to former research in the field this method enables to correctly interpret brain signals from a random person without having to collect and classify data in a calibration round beforehand. This saves time and improves the usability of such a brain-machine-interface. The system could be employed, for instance, as a communication assistant for paralyzed patients.