BrainLinks-BrainTools Annual Workshop

Continuing good old traditions - but beeing open for new developments.

Since its start in 2013 BrainLinks-BrainTools organizes an annual workshop with presentations of running projects, introduction of new people and simply coming together to share latest research findings in the field of BrainLinks-BrainTools.

So BrainLinks-BrainTools did also this year - of couse under Covid-19 only online. The program was packed with inspiring talks as new people joined the team since the DFG funding run out and new initiatives were taken to sustain the center BrainLinks-BrainTools with its long research goals and its established structures.

All running research projects, which are also listed and shortly summarized on the website, were presented and the two new junior professors Josif Grabocka and Abhinav Valada inroduced their groups and their main research interestes. Over the day nearly up to 60 participants joined the meeting.

Although the technology worked flawlessly, the speakers and the discussion participants adhered to the specifications and times in an exemplary manner - the meeting received much praise from everyone afterwards - we are already looking forward to the next annual meeting in 2021, which will then take place in our own research building IMBIT.