A special kind of pub

Podcast about current topics in neurotechnology with Freiburg participation

Exchanging new research ideas, results or episodes from everyday scientific life in a cozy pub, in a relaxed atmosphere with international colleagues from your own field? Like so many other things, this is not possible in times of a pandemic. That's why the American neurotech company Paradromics has launched the "Neurotech Pub," a podcast featuring some of the most influential people in neurotechnology. The most recent of the 3 episodes so far also features Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz from the Department of Biomedical Microtechnology as a guest on the topic of "Stability of Implants". In the "Neurotech-Pub" you also have direct access to links to the working groups and publications of the participating guests.

The podcast is available at paradromics.com/news/neurotech-pub-episode-3/