International workshop on BrainWorlds

The BrainWorlds Research Initiative aims at a better understanding of internal world models in humans, animals, and artificial systems.


The initiative lead by our experienced BrainLinks-BrainTools members Prof. Diester, Prof. Vlachos and Prof. Brox builds on our technological developments and envisions to solve new fundamental questions. The focus lies on investigating how biological brains and artificial systems dynamically assemble their activity patterns in response to external stimuli and internal states, thereby forming complex internal world models. The BrainWorlds Research Initiative addresses the central research question of how those internal world models have to be phrased to allow humans and AI to plan ahead and react flexibly to changes.

The BrainWorlds workshop reflects on this question and is designed as a unique opportunity to think beyond discipline boundaries and to look for synergies with other research fields.

For more details please visit our workshop website at: