Klee Prize 2022

Dr. Maria Francisca Porto Cruz receives second place in the Klee Prize 2022

Biomedical researcher Dr. Maria Francisca Porto Cruz from the Chair of Biomedical Microtechnology at the Institute of Microsystems Engineering University of Freiburg was honored the second Klee Prize 2022 for her invention. The prize of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering and the Klee family foundation for the promotion of young scientists is endowed with 2,000 euros.

In her dissertation, Cruz developed an implant that can improve the transmission of signals from the brain to a computer. This technology is used in brain-computer interfaces, which could be used to help people who are unable to communicate either with their voice or with gestures.

The Klee Family Foundation and the German Society for Biomedical Engineering at the VDE, Association of Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, awards scientists working on the frontier between medicine and technology annually.

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