Through the eyes of a robot

Foto: Friederike Schreiber

(Re)Acting like a Robot: How and what we can learn from role-playing human-robot interaction.

The ReScaLe (Responsible and Scalable Learning for Robots Assisting Humans) project is an interdisciplinary project funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation with the aim of further developing innovative approaches to machine and robot learning.

The research and development of learning algorithms for robots that are intended to support humans in everyday tasks and the dynamics of human-robot interaction are central issues. These topics are situated in a broad context of social and ethical aspects, the consideration of which is crucial in order to strengthen society's trust in such technical systems.

A significant advantage of an interdisciplinary approach is that researchers from different disciplines address these issues and investigate them using different methods and approaches. One example of this is techno-mimesis, a method from the field of design thinking. First, a prototype is designed and built from everyday materials. One person from the group then takes on the role of the technical system and interacts with the other group members. This approach makes it possible to shed light on different perspectives and identify possible ambiguities that may have been overlooked when creating the prototype. 

Another part of the workshop was dedicated to designing a serious game that integrates the aforementioned research approaches and offers young people the opportunity to playfully engage with different aspects of robot learning and human-robot interaction. The development of such a game once again requires an interdisciplinary approach, as specific learning content must be integrated, the teaching of which would not be possible without the expertise of the researchers.

For the ReScaLe team, this workshop proved to be extremely valuable, as the researchers involved were able to complement each other constructively and provide insights into the various fields of work. In addition, it not only brought professional benefits, but also a pleasant and enriching atmosphere.

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